Property Reports

Verify ownership information, review the full transaction history,  access recorded documents, and much more.

Lead Prospecting

Walking Farm® simplifies prospecting, tracks leads, and automates marketing.

Why :appname:?

With :appname: you have on-the-ready property information, Walking Farm®, prospecting, and calculation tools.

Looking for more listings?

Knowing the right neighborhood to farm and using the best tool to Prospect can help you pick the right ones.

Over 2,000 new Walking Farms® are created monthly!

Successful real estate agents are out knocking for opportunity right now!

Report Sharing & Backups

Access saved property profiles and Walking Farm® reports from all of your mobile devices — even cross platform!

Fully Supported

Our experts are available to support you and resolve any issues quickly: support@redshedtech.com.

Homeowner Information

Homeowner name(s) as well as mailing information (in addition to the property address) are included, helping you to verify ownership details as well as non-owner occupied status.

Buyer Estimates

Quickly estimate a monthly payment or affordability based on monthly payment.

Property Characteristics

:appname: includes a full Property view, from home size and room count to tax information and transaction history.  In addition, each property report includes a neighborhood comparison and details on 20 comparable properties.

Comparable Sales Information

Get to know the neighborhood!  Property reports include a listing of 20 comparable properties including the sales price, square footage, and price per square foot. We roll all of this up into an area history report!

How do I get started?

Contact your :titlecompany: sales executive for access.

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